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The Michael Hoolboom* Podcast, (Michael Hoolboom On Making Films) just one of a series of six Lana Lontos’ Big Tree Mind interviews/discussions, invites us to look at filmmaking redefined by today's digital production and social media distribution tools. Lontos’ interview format, shot and edited by Fitzroy Facey and Kimberly Miller Pryce, is its own best example of this highly personal, authentic and intimate kind of filmmaking. Do it yourself production and broadcasting delivered free, without commercial interruptions on Facebook... watch where you want to, when you want to, on the internet connected to the device of your choosing.

Digital technologies have made media making and distribution accessible to all. There is a camera on every phone and global distribution instantly available with a single click. But all content is not created equal unless you are taking pictures or shooting video of cats and putting them on YouTube.

Because filmmaking has become ubiquitous, it has not necessarily increased the number of filmmakers that we would call artists and/or storytellers. Some of these artists have come to digital production and distribution with great relief and joy, unshackled by the financial burdens of traditional filmmaking and television production.

Too many of these, however, are using these tools to imitate older and more traditional formats that have historically defined network delivered television programming, and theatrically released motion pictures.

This is a good thing, especially when the programming/storytelling rivals the best of what we have been looking at on our television sets and in movie theaters for decades. Even cable delivery, video discs, and cassettes have not changed the look and feel for most of what we have been entertained by over the last fifty years.

The Lontos' Podcasts shot and edited by Fitzroy Facey and Kimberly Miller Pryce, however is filmmaking that is unique to this moment, that capitalizes on the portability, flexibility, and reliability of production tools that bring you into the room to listen to and watch the discussion that Lontos is having with her guests.

This is television that is intimate and personal; real and in the moment. There is no artifice or stylistic barriers to entry. There is nothing between you and the discussion that you can watch, comment on and share with friends on your own social media networks. You are the broadcaster in a highly democratic distribution system where the best programming is enjoyed by large, diverse, individually selected audiences who can themselves "comment," "like," and "share" what they have seen.

Shot in Lontos' living room on her white sofa, this is unselfconscious filmmaking, there is no pretense, an ideal format for highly personal and intimate sharing, perfect for Facebook friends and audiences. This is new, fresh and in the moment programming where, the shooting style is as easy and as accessible as the content.

*Learn more about the internationally acclaimed filmmaker Michael Hoolboom, and his award-winning films at:

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