The Wind Beneath My Wings

I have been doing a lot of writing in my journal, trying to get something done each day. Most of what I am writing is coming from my Dharma practice and specifically from the reading of Stephen Batchelor’s books.

My plan is to take some of this writing, and bring it to my much neglected blog. When I first thought of doing it, I felt my website would need a new graphic; get rid of Marty standing in front of his plane.

Not going to happen. That’s not my alter ego, not someone I pretended to be. I was a private pilot, owned my own plane and I dressed the part. Flying provided me with some of the most healing moments in my life.

I felt the part of being a pilot more than I ever felt being the president of Scholastic Productions. The plane that I flew to Florida, across the United States, Canada and across the gulf to Mexico is a tactile memory. I remember where the nicks were on the prop, its feel in my hand, the exhilaration of it lifting magically into the air, the sunsets and flying alone New Year’s Eve above the fireworks in pitch black darkness along the Hudson River.

It was the actual real time flying that my soul needed to do before I could/would learn to fly spiritually. Mooney N9157M