How Deep Do You Have To Go?

At the surface is agitation like my skin is carbonated. As soon as Ezra opened there have been a line of people waiting to be served. The rain did not discourage them and likely was what motivated them to get out of the house an hour earlier or later depending whether they reset their clocks for Day Light Savings time What clocks are there left to move? All our devices adjust automatically for Day Light Savings Time. Clocks that need a human intervention are done. Life that needs human intervention is going to be over. We are already living in the Matrix. Maybe that is what makes my skin crawl. Who are all these people? Where are they coming from, what are their stories.

What is mine? How deep do I have to go? Is it even possible? When I meditate, I try to get woke to a different place where there is no gravitational pull, the earth is not rotating on its axis. Stillness and calm, where there are no words and no stories. Me. The unwritten story, the not written story. The story without words.

...and they keep coming, a line that never ends, coffee for everyone, a bottomless supply for all of Toronto, for everyone on the planet.