Wanting more is an intoxication born of hunger. What emptiness is driving the appetite, or is it there all the time; timeless in our primitive brains? If it is learned, a strategy seeking compensation for loss or hurt, can it be healed, can it be understood, should it be judged, shamed, forgiven?

If you go into cravings room, what’s there, devil or angel? The devil of lust, and power, or an angel of love seeking connection and intimacy.

We are our aspirations, centered by having a goal, a purpose that we hope by doing will lead us to the best version of who we are.

Look deeply, past atoms, vapors and vibrations at essence, your center that is not Divine or eternal, that is human, mortal and flawed

Call it a work in process, a becoming, where every moment frozen in time is both light and shadows

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