So You Wait

So you wait Over 100s Of Lifetimes For nirvana Not realizing Your living it.

There are so many ways there standing in plain sight. There is no wrong road, no bad choice. You don’t even have to leave the spot you are standing in. Unconditioned reality is nirvana, Dukkha is nirvana.

Being with each moments raw footage, uncut with no special effects is nirvana. Greed, Hatred and Delusion, seen, considered and bearing witness to, is nirvana.

Birth, sickness and death are inescapable. There is no deathless, no life without death and suffering.

You getting yet? Imagining something else is self harming. It’s a life’s add-on, its the unnecessary, unneeded plus, plus to lifetimes defined by mortality.

Fully knowing suffering, as a felt undiluted condition of a human life is nirvana.

Dwelling in emptiness nothing is there because everything is there and you are not exhausting yourself looking for a way out.

Freedom is an irony, and wisdom is fully comprehending that irony.

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