Sunrise Sunset

Mooney N9157M

Music and photo time traveling transport me through memories of moments that felt immortal. Clocks weren’t ticking. Time is frozen in the image and iTunes transports music from then to now.

Whoosh... breathless traveling at light speed that in old age forces you to slow down and pause, to listen and to look backwards so you can be there and here at the same time.

You re-inhabit the photograph using the music to unfreeze time so you can hear, smell and feel where you were on a ferry deck in Seattle or a restaurant in Nantucket.

The plane was the magic carpet, faster even than my own urgency to get there, Florida, Aspen, Martha’s Vineyard, East Hampton, Main, Chicago, Vancouver, San Francisco, Los Angeles; flying over Cuba to Acapulco, seeing Inca and Aztec pyramids, all of it and more, 2000 hours in the air. Hundreds of sunrises, sunsets and starry nights.... almost even to the North Pole.

The past is the now of that moment. It is past present moment awareness whether you paid attention then or are paying attention for the first time now. It was real, the photographs and the music prove it.

Meditate and you can go from this moment back to the picture moment, guided by the sound track. Be here' or there now.

Travel fearlessly, with curiosity and without judgement so you can experience the wonder.

The views of life lived at 5000 feet and at sea level.