Back Up in the Air

That's a picture of the Mavic Mini drone I just bought. I want to fly again. I want that cockpit point of view, looking down, up, left and right. I want to be back at square one having to relearn how to fly. Get flight maps, and weather reports. Use a GPS to fly, not just to drive my car.

I feel the same expectation that I had waiting for my first Mooney. I would dream about it and find it impossible to believe that I would fly it... which I did, north and south from Cape Cod to Cancun. 2000 hrs logged with a lot of it in instrument conditions.

Many trips with friends and family down the Hudson River, past the World Trade Center, and around the Statue of Liberty. Often continuing on over the Verrazano Bridge, past Coney Island, Long Beach, Fire Island and onto Montauk Point.

And that Mooney flew fast, very fast... from Woodstock New York to Nantucket in under an hour.

The Mavic Mini won't fly as fast or go as far, but it will take my eyes back up into the skies. Test my skills and my nerves. Going to be fun.

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